About Us


In 1969 C.W. Chiles moved his Southern Pride Donuts from St. John Avenue to the expanding community north of the river. C.W. selected 3913 Chouteau Trafficway for his new location and he decided to shorten the name to Donut King.
Kathy Sivers had worked at Donut King since it open on Chouteau Trafficway in 1969. It was 1983 when C.W. put the shop up for sale and Kathy jumped at the opportunity to become her own boss.

After being in the donut business almost 30 years, Kathy was ready to pass on her apron to a new baker. At the same time John and Lauren Cone were hoping to become entrepreneurs. With no experience at all, John and Lauren took over Donut King in October 1996.


The Kingdom grows:

The city contacted the couple in the fall of 2010 when the expansion of Chouteau Trafficway was about to force Donut King into a new chapter of local history. The new move would mean an opportunity to expand, and with the expansion, a lot of hard work. To help with the expansion, John and Lauren made the decision to add a new partner. They turned to Lauren's sister Kristen and her husband Jeff. Together, the newly formed partners began the work involved in the expansion and move to their current location.

Donut King is now open 144 hours per week. We serve 48 different donuts along with pastries, cupcakes, cakes, and gourmet coffee. Since 1969 Donut King has been serving the Kansas City Northland with it's Award Winning Donuts and excellent customer service. Come in to see us today and taste the Donut King difference.